Elementary School District 102 Strategic Plan 2017-2023


In order to fulfill their dreams and potential, we actively engage the children of La Grange School District 102 to develop creativity, innovative problem-solving, a passion for learning, and empathy.


To ensure children are prepared to serve their communities, engage in intelligent, respectful discourse, and thrive in high school and beyond.

Core Beliefs

We, all employees and board members of La Grange District 102:


Demonstrate equality in our beliefs about learners and equity in our distribution of resources;
Believe all children will learn and grow;
Demonstrate respect towards all;
Value the worth of our children as learners and contributors to society;
Recognize and value diversity through culturally responsive curriculum and instruction;
Recognize that we must meet students “where they are”;
Value the role that all employees of the district and parents play in the development of our children as students and people;
Demonstrate commitment to the role of the school to prepare students for an ever-changing future;
Demonstrate and promote a proactive approach to decision-making, problem-solving, and communication in general and special education;
Recognize that a financially stable district must be flexible enough to meet the variable needs of our district and volatility of revenue sources

Goal 1

  • Student Development-Ensure all students receive a relevant, rigorous and integrated curriculum based on recognized standards that provide the skills necessary to thrive in District 102, secondary school and beyond.


1. Commit to a vision of high expectations for student achievement and quality instruction that is clearly and consistently communicated to students and families.


2. Commit to closing the achievement gap for minority and low income students.

3. Develop an instructional model based on student interests and needs that provides customized learning tools and opportunities for each student to achieve and grow to the best of their ability.

Goal 2

  • Culture and Relationships-Ensure a safe, challenging, engaging and supportive teaching and learning environment that values all contributors to the educational process.


1. Develop strong local ties between the school and communities.

2. Ensure a positive, safe learning environment for all students.

3. Create a “mindset” of continuous improvement throughout the district.

Goal 3

  • Exemplary Employees-Ensure that the district employs a diverse staff of the highest quality at all levels.


1. Develop best practice processes to support the hiring of a diverse, effective and competent staff.

2. Develop best practice processes to retain a diverse, effective and competent staff while monitoring job satisfaction within a collaborative working environment.


Goal 4

  • Process and Financials-Demonstrate effective, efficient and equitable business operations and provide excellent stewardship of district resources.


1. Develop and maintain a comprehensive, outcome-based budgeting strategy.

2. Ensure stakeholder trust through transparent management of district finances.

Strategic Plan Documents

  • 2017-2023 Strategic Plan
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