District Fees for 2018-19

School District 102
2018-19 Fees


Curriculum Fee
Grades K-8  (required all students) $150

Technology Fee
Grades K-5 (required K-5 only) $40
Grades 6-8 (required 6-8 only) $50
Band and Orchestra
Grades 4-6 (optional) $130
Grades 7 and 8 (optional) $90
Activity/Club Fee (optional) $25
Athletics (Park Jr. High) (optional) $75
Transportation (bus service)
More than 1.5 miles or hazard  (optional) $300
Less than 1.5 miles (optional) $500
Grades 4-8 (optional) $14

Note: Algebra I students at Park require the TI-84 or 
TI-84 Plus Silver model. The TI-84 calculator is NOT
available through the district; it must be purchased separately.

Recorder (optional) $7.50
PE Uniform (all Park students must have a PE uniform) $14