The philosophy of LaGrange District 102 is centered on the belief that optimum health is essential for learning and enhances school success. 

District 102 is staffed with one Certified School Nurse, two Registered Nurses and six Health Aides. School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success and life-long achievement and health of students. 
Our nursing staff collaborates with the student, family, school staff, healthcare providers, and other community resources.  While our primary goal is to help keep our students healthy we also provide health counseling, support, and education for them and their families.  Health office services include illness and injury assessment and intervention, medication administration, referrals, management of acute and chronic health conditions.    

In accordance to Illinois School Code, vision and hearing screenings will be scheduled throughout the school year. 
Staff is available on school days, during regular school hours.