MTSS (Multi Tiered Systems of Support) is an instructional framework designed to maximize academic achievement and positive behavior. Using a tiered system of support, MTSS is an articulated process that includes: an emphasis on outcomes, data-informed decision making, responsive evidence-based interventions and a focus on progress within the classroom.

MTSS includes several essential components including:

  • High-Quality Instruction: All students receive standards-based, culturally and linguistically-relevant instruction in their general education classroom by highly qualified teachers through differentiated instruction.

  • Positive Behavioral Support: The district and school staff collaboratively select and implement schoolwide, classroom, and research-based positive behavioral supports for achieving important social, emotional, and academic outcomes. The teacher is responsible for organizing a well managed classroom with a strong focus on integrating prevention and intervention strategies for effective instruction and consistent student support.

  • Integrated Data System: District and school staff collaborate to create
    an integrated data collection system that includes assessments to determine the learning needs of each student, as well as data collection methods for monitoring the effectiveness of instruction and continuous systemic improvement.

  • Team Structure: District and school staff establish various teams. The purpose of these teams is to develop a plan for the instructional program
    in the general education classroom to support individual student needs, while simultaneously providing a positive effect on the instructional program for all students. 

Please see below for additional information on District 102's MTSS process.

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