Google Apps for Education - FAQ

What is Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps for Education is a web based suite of services that provide email, word-processing, calendaring, research and collaboration tools for students in Grades 2 through 8 and all staff in District 102.

Why is District 102 providing this resource to students?

Google Apps for Education provides tools that will help District 102 authentically teach students to appropriately use technology for communication and collaboration with both teachers and peers. Google Apps for Education also supports anywhere, anytime learning, and helps reduce the digital divide by minimizing the hardware and software requirements needed to use the tools. A recent survey by the Illinois State Board of Education technology department found that nearly 70% of schools in Illinois now use Google Apps for Education.

Which programs will students be able to access?

District 102's Google Apps for Education may include Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Sites among others. Each school may adjust the availability and range of services as needed.

How will my child access the Google Apps for Education tools?

Google Apps for Education may be accessed by any internet connected device capable of running a world wide web browser; however, different devices support different capabilities. At school, students will access Google Apps for Education using a MacBook or Chromebook computer. Outside of school, students may use a computer, a tablet device, or even a mobile phone to access their Google Apps for Education account and resources.

How will Google Apps for Education be used in my child's school?

Google Apps for Education aligns with National Standards for Technology Integration, Common Core State Standards, and the District 102 Board of Education's long term goals and objectives. At the district level, the curriculum department will define any district requirements involving Google Apps for Education, but each school will individually decide the implementation details of Google Apps for Education within each individual school setting. You can contact your student's teachers or LRC director to learn more about how Google Apps will be used at your student's school.

I thought only children over 13 could have access to email. Will GMail be available to elementary students?

Students under 13 ordinarily need parent permission to have email accounts, however, COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) allows District 102 to act as the parents' agent and approve the accounts on their behalf. To be COPPA compliant we must provide an opt-out process to parents; the opt-out process is explained below. All students in grades 2-8 will be issued Google Apps accounts (including a restricted GMail account) unless parents wish to opt out. 

Who can my child email and can I access the contents of their email account?

Student email accounts established in District 102's Google Apps for Education domain are both filtered for content and restricted by sender and recipient. Students may only exchange email with other District 102 students and District 102 Staff. Student email accounts can not be used to send or receive email from email users on the internet at large. 

Email is also filtered for content - both text and images are scanned - and held for human review if the automated filters are tripped. District 102 uses to filter and archive all incoming and outgoing email for students. Student email is archived for one year.

Students' Google logins and passwords are the same as their AUP logins and passwords. Parents may obtain their students' logins and passwords by contacting the school office.

What if I just am not comfortable with my student having a Google account, can I opt out?

District 102 believes that there is value in providing these resources to students and would welcome the opportunity to discuss any concerns regarding how Google Apps for Education will be used in your child's school. Please contact the LRC Director at your child's school directly to discuss the implementation and use of Google Apps for Education. 

If you still feel it would be best for your child not to utilize these tools, your school's LRC Director will instruct the technology department to deactivate your child's Google Apps for Education account.

What happens if students misuse their Google Accounts?

All technology use, including the use of Google Apps for Education accounts, is regulated under District 102's technology and discipline policies and procedures. Student access to technology is granted for educational purposes only. Students who misuse their accounts will be referred to the building principal who will deal with the infraction on a case by case basis.