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Extensions can be direct dialed by calling 708-215-xxxx, where xxxx is the extension number.

First Name Last Name Extension Building Email Position
Virginia Hohl 6405 Science Center Resource-Science/Health
Kelly Vaiciulis 6405 Science Center Resource-Science/Health
Daniel Westfall    Ogden Elementary Custodian
Tom Culver 7051 Park Jr. High Band/Orchestra
Julie Johnson 7065 Park Jr. High Language Arts
Michelle Hinders 7048
Park Jr. High Science/Health
Carmen Abraham 7056 Park Jr. High World Language
Philip Abraham 7131 Park Jr. High Principal
Luke Atwood 7081 Park Jr. High Language Arts
Jennifer Baker 7102 Park Jr. High Math
Lisa Bernstein 7122 Park Jr. High Language Arts
Christine Boyde 7057 Park Jr. High World Language
Lindsey Campo 7066 Park Jr. High Math
Kieran  Caraher  7145  Park Jr. High  PE 
Greg Carsten 7064 Park Jr. High Language Arts
Elana Courlas 7143 Park Jr. High Social Studies
Jill Cox 7041 Park Jr. High Secretary-Building
Beth Edmonds 7115 Park Jr. High Math
Michelle Egan 7042 Park Jr. High Resource-Teacher
Meghan Fahey 7048 Park Jr. High Science/Health
Nancy Flanagan 7051
Park Jr. High Band/Orchestra
Joe Gage 7101 Park Jr. High Asst Principal
Ashley Tennant 7042
Park Jr. High Resource
Flo Imhoff 7040 Park Jr. High Secretary-Building
David Janas 7139 Park Jr. High Social Studies/Language Arts
Elena Janas 7008 Park Jr. High Health Aide
Mary Ann Jasper 7045 Park Jr. High Resource-Teacher
Bernadette Johnson 7112 Park Jr. High Family Liaison
Emily Kallemeyn 7148 Park Jr. High Math
Mary Kevorkian 7121 Park Jr. High Librarian/Media Specialist
Karen Krueger 7053 Park Jr. High Social Studies
Jerry Luterman

Park Jr. High
Chief Custodian
Osena Kuehnle 7069 Park Jr. High Language Arts
Jason Lyons 7050 Park Jr. High Band/Orchestra
Kathleen Malloy 7113 Park Jr. High Language Arts/Science
Ryan Malloy 7049 Park Jr. High Science/Health
7092 Park Jr. High
Physical Education
Kathleen May 7039 Park Jr. High Math
Denise McGovern 7079 Park Jr. High Math
Megan Locke 7036 Park Jr. High Resource-Teacher
Steven Metz 7091 Park Jr. High PE
Jenna Miglio 7094
Park Jr. High PE
Jennifer Monczynski 7105 Park Jr. High Social Worker
Amy Moran 7072 Park Jr. High Social Studies
Craig Neitzel 7073 Park Jr. High Science/Health
Vicky Nemickas 7077 Park Jr. High World Language
Rachel Owens 7100 Park Jr. High ELL (TPI) Teacher
Sean Padilla 7128 Park Jr. High Math
Kelly Paetsch 7052 Park Jr. High Music
Geri Pasieka 7120 Park Jr. High Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Christine Pellicci 6623 Park Jr. High Resource-Teacher
Gail Ray 6177 Park Jr. High Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Kim Rybicki 7150 Park Jr. High Reading Interventionist
Deborah Sampson 7063 Park Jr. High LRC Assistant
Christy Schwartz 7055 Park Jr. High Resource-Teacher
Samantha Siegfried
Park Jr. High Instructional Coach
Lauren Sirus 7078 Park Jr. High Social Worker
Robert Stone 7125 Park Jr. High Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Veronica Tabet 7071 Park Jr. High Language Arts
Stephanie Weiss 7059
Park Jr. High Speech Pathologist
Katherine Oplawski 6604 Ogden Elementary Grade 1
Cynthia Adams 6674 Ogden Elementary Grade 2
Alexis Alfano 6633 Ogden Elementary Grade 1
Michelle Anderson 6636 Ogden Elementary Grade 6
Cheryl Baratta 6668 Ogden Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Catherine Cagle 6686 Ogden Elementary Grade 1
Michael Carter 6785 Ogden Elementary Grade 4
Jaime Connors 6678 Ogden Elementary Grade 4
Maribel Feig 6618 Ogden Elementary LRC Assistant
Maria Fikaris 6673 Ogden Elementary Grade 5
Katharine Hadraba 6655
Ogden Elementary Special Education Teacher
Ronda Howley 6609 Ogden Elementary Grade 1
Kelli Kalata 6650 Ogden Elementary Nurse
Jennifer Kaminski 6629 Ogden Elementary Grade 3
Colleen Korzen 6091 Congress Park Elementary Talent Development
Wendy Kral 6783 Ogden Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Gail Lampariello 6662 Ogden Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Deborah LeGare 6615 Ogden Elementary Music
Jennifer Meeker 6781 Ogden Elementary Grade 2
Ryan Moe 6670 Ogden Elementary Speech
Deborah Moore 6677 Ogden Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Jeanine Mosher 6641 Ogden Elementary Grade 6
Luke Munch 6688 Ogden Elementary Instructional Coach
Cheryl Napoli 6607 Ogden Elementary Grade 2
Andrew Noffsinger 6616 Ogden Elementary Art
Tara Petersen 6699 Ogden Elementary Grade 4
Polly Peterson 6602 Ogden Elementary Secretary-Building
Julie Pitelka 6620 Ogden Elementary Librarian/Media Specialist
Angela Plecas 6681 Ogden Elementary
Grade 3
William Roscoe 6637 Ogden Elementary Grade 5
Jane Schroeder 6642 Ogden Elementary Grade 6
Kimberly Shamet 6611 Ogden Elementary Grade 6
Cara Spitzner 6689 Ogden Elementary Grade 4
Karen Thimmig 6658 Ogden Elementary Special Education Teacher
Wendy Toth 6626 Ogden Elementary Social Worker
Nancy Tusek 6644 Ogden Elementary Grade 3
Lauren Vaupell 6630 Ogden Elementary Grade 3
Joe McCauley 6600 Ogden Elementary
Kathy Wesa 6784 Ogden Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Anthony Wilder 6617 Ogden Elementary PE
Chris Zak 6652 Ogden Elementary PE
John Zima 6606 Ogden Elementary Chief Custodian
Courtney Devine 6409 Forest Road Elementary Grade 1
Carolyn Beumer 6410 Forest Road Elementary Grade 1
Ryan Bothwell 6433 Forest Road Elementary Art
Kristen Bridges 6426 Forest Road Elementary World Languages - Elementary
Jonathan Caes 6437 Forest Road Elementary Social Worker
James Carlson 6422 Forest Road Elementary Grade 1
MaryKate Cicinelli 6415 Forest Road Elementary Grade 1
Brad Clark 6434 Forest Road Elementary PE
Tamico Cox 6489 Forest Road Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Jennifer DeMaertelaere 6460 Forest Road Elementary Grade 3
Julie DiOrio 6425 Forest Road Elementary Grade 6
Sarah Dolezal 6430 Forest Road Elementary Social Worker
Patricia Ferraro 6489 Forest Road Elementary Paraeducator-Connections
Sharon Frieh 6458 Forest Road Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Dave Gertsmeier 6492 Forest Road Elementary Grade 4
Teresa Gonzales 6474 Forest Road Elementary Paraeducator-Connections
Maureen Houston 6420 Forest Road Elementary Grade 3
Matt Huizinga 6455 Forest Road Elementary Grade 6
Lynn Jarrick 6463 Forest Road Elementary Grade 4
Stephanie Kean 6419 Forest Road Elementary Grade 5
Patricia Kearney 6413 Forest Road Elementary Special Education Teacher
Megann Krysa 6531 Forest Road Elementary Grade 5
Hannah Langosch 6412 Forest Road Elementary Resource-Teacher
Kelly Masterson 6442 Forest Road Elementary Grade 2
Kathy McDonald 6402 Forest Road Elementary Secretary-Building
Kim McGann 6480 Forest Road Elementary Grade 3
Linda Messmore 6427 Forest Road Elementary LRC Assistant
Rebecka Mirandola 6245 Forest Road Elementary ELL (TPI)
Lauren Mlade 6532 Forest Road Elementary Librarian/Media Specialist
Emily Monteagudo 6882 Forest Road Elementary Speech
Colleen Morfoot 6473 Forest Road Elementary PE
6418 Forest Road Elementary
Jennifer Papp 6416 Forest Road Elementary Grade 2
Sherry Penrod 6552 Forest Road Elementary Reading Interventionist
Elyse Polickey 6406 Forest Road Elementary Grade 4
Jill Quinones 6496 Forest Road Elementary Special Education Teacher
Mary Kate Roche 6407 Forest Road Elementary Grade 6
Melvin Sebesta 6486 Forest Road Elementary Chief Custodian
Amy Shea 6470 Forest Road Elementary Grade 2
Erin Stahurski 6404 Forest Road Elementary Grade 4
Alysann Stimac 6478 Forest Road Elementary Special Education Teacher
Josh Thomas 6547 Forest Road Elementary Grade 6
Florentin Tise 6431 Forest Road Elementary Music
Christine Turgeon 6449 Forest Road Elementary Grade 5
Kathleen Valenta 6558 Forest Road Elementary Grade 5
Maura Webster 6462 Forest Road Elementary Grade 2
Brooke Westendorf 6454 Forest Road Elementary Speech
Julianne Ansilio 6023 Congress Park Elementary Reading Interventionist
Karen   Brindle  6033  Congress Park Elementary  Health Aide 
Kathleen Capone 6856 Congress Park Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Kristine Carbray 6036 Congress Park Elementary Grade 3
Amy Conn 6029 Congress Park Elementary LRC Assistant
Patricia Connelly 6025 Congress Park Elementary ELL (TPI)
Kristina Simak 6106 Congress Park Elementary Speech
Carla DiMaio 6062 Congress Park Elementary PE
Joseph Elzy 6077 Congress Park/Forest Road Talent Development
Kelly Ferguson 6320 Cossitt Elementary Cross Categorical
Joseph Fontanetta 6024 Congress Park Elementary Music
Cheri Gibbs 6028 Congress Park Elementary Social Worker
Joseph Giordano 6045 Congress Park Elementary Grade 5
Cathleen Grundke 6050 Congress Park Elementary Cross Categorical
Ramon Gomez 6048 Congress Park Elementary Chief Custodian
Amy Hansen 6041 Congress Park Elementary Special Education Teacher
Danita Heilenbach 6003 Congress Park Elementary Secretary-Building
Michelle Holdman 6005 Congress Park Elementary Art
Rose Ellen Hovey 6058 Congress Park Elementary Grade 4
Pamela Ignarski 6079 Congress Park Elementary Tech Aides
Michele Kapinus 6078 Congress Park Elementary Grade 2
Sierra Kelly
Congress Park Elementary Paraeducator
Carol Kusper 6411 Congress Park Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Maureen Lockie 6085 Congress Park Elementary Instructional Coach
Katrina Lyles 6070 Congress Park Elementary Reading Interventionist
Marcus Mackey 6092 Congress Park Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Heather Marquardt 6051 Congress Park Elementary Grade 2
Kate Medlock 6055 Congress Park Elementary Grade 6
Bridget McGovern 6102 Congress Park Elementary Reading Interventionist
Michaeleen Nutley 6044 Congress Park Elementary Grade 1
Leslie Olson 6002 Congress Park Elementary Secretary-Building
Anna Repsis 6037 Congress Park Elementary Kindergarten
Tara Reynolds 6072 Congress Park Elementary Resource-Other
Shawn Riordan 6062 Congress Park Elementary PE
Adlija Santarelli
Cossitt Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Kerri Serfling
Cossitt/Ogden Math Interventionist
Peg Sima 6017 Congress Park Elementary Grade 2
Kimberly Smith 6077 Congress Park Elementary Grade 4
Kami Spatzek 6065 Congress Park Elementary Librarian/Media Specialist
Elizabeth Stuart 6016 Congress Park Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Shannon Sullivan 6063 Congress Park Elementary Grade 2
Terese Molloy 6067/6111 Congress Park Elementary Resource-Teacher
Susan Waller 6066 Congress Park Elementary Special Education Teacher
Steven Weeks 6042 Congress Park Elementary Grade 5
6059 Congress Park Elementary
Grade 6
Clare McDivit 6224 Cossitt Elementary Grade 4
Donna Benischek 6219 Cossitt Elementary Grade 1
Sandra Cefali 6282/6809 Ogden/Barnsdale Multiple Subjects
Rick Cerny 6278 Cossitt Elementary Chief Custodian
Melissa Cossmann 6230 Cossitt Elementary Resource-Teacher
Diane Danbury 6218 Cossitt Elementary LRC Assistant
Kelly Davis 6299 Cossitt Elementary Librarian/Media Specialist
Nancy Dold 6284 Cossitt Elementary Grade 6
Kathleen Duncan 6231 Cossitt Elementary Grade 3
Ella Farmer 6656 Cossitt/Ogden School Psychologist
Kathy Fragoso 6215 Cossitt Elementary Grade 2
Lorri Freebeck 6229 Cossitt Elementary Kindergarten
Rachel Galloway 6314 Cossitt Elementary Instructional Coach
Laura Barry 6209 Cossitt Elementary Grade 2
Mary Hackett
Cossitt Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Ashley Healy 6315 Cossitt Elementary Grade 5
Tiffany Howard 6222 Cossitt Elementary Grade 1
Ashley Kaumeyer 6296 Cossitt Elementary Reading Interventionist
Christa Kucik 6221 Cossitt Elementary Grade 5
Charlene Larson 6249 Cossitt Elementary Grade 2
Lynn Lawrence 7075 Administration Center SEL & Mentoring Coordinator
Nicole Marth 6251 Cossitt Elementary Speech
Mary Masterson 6250 Cossitt Elementary PE
Shila Mathiasen 6243 Cossitt Elementary Resource-Teacher
Bridget McGrath 6252 Cossitt Elementary Speech
Jennifer Melberg 6316 Cossitt Elementary Talent Development
Michael Michowski 6201 Cossitt Elementary Principal
Elizabeth Mihalik 6263 Cossitt Elementary Grade 6
Vikki Morris 6217 Cossitt Elementary Grade 3
Leah Nelson 6277 Cossitt Elementary Resource-Teacher
Cathy Nothnagel 6202 Cossitt Elementary Secretary-Building
Jennifer O'Brien 6288 Cossitt Elementary Art
Kristin Petersen 6225 Cossitt Elementary Grade 6
Erin Peterson 6233 Cossitt Elementary Grade 3
Gina Powell 6256 Cossitt Elementary Grade 1
Barb Riccio
Cossitt Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Diane Richter
Cossitt Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Amy Rife 6245 Cossitt Elementary Reading Interventionist
Staci Schoening 6311 Cossitt Elementary Grade 4
Amy Seus 6239 Cossitt Elementary World Languages - Elementary
Beth Smetko 6218 Cossitt Elementary Tech Aides
Karli Stamer 6318 Cossitt Elementary Asst Principal
Karli Stamer 6447 Forest Road Elementary Asst Principal
Michelle Tran 6220 Cossitt Elementary Grade 5
Susan Tullis 6247 Cossitt Elementary Grade 2
Noreen Veeser 6213 Cossitt Elementary Grade 5
Alison Vogt 6242
Cossitt Elementary Social Worker
Betsy D'Alessio 6825 Barnsdale Road School Reading Interventionist
Nicole Lauer 6829 Barnsdale Road School ECE-Blended
Janine Koda 6805 Barnsdale Road School Kindergarten
Kathy Boxell 6801 Barnsdale Road School Principal
6836 Barnsdale Road School
Katie Carter 6875 Barnsdale Road School Speech
Courtney Smith 6833 Barnsdale Road School
Leslie Davey 6868 Barnsdale Road School School Psychologist
Jennifer LaRocque 6838 Barnsdale Road School ELL (TPI)
Susan Geraghty
Barnsdale Road School Paraeducator-Preschool
Jill Gierman 6827 Barnsdale Road School ECE
Bridget Hamilton 6831 Barnsdale Road School Kindergarten
Jennifer Macellaio 6830 Barnsdale Road School Kindergarten
Christina McLane 6813 Barnsdale Road School Special Education Teacher
Doreen Robinson 6826 Barnsdale Road School Secretary-Building
Kathy Rogers 6806 Barnsdale Road School Kindergarten
Andrea Rick
Barnsdale Road School
Melanie Turek 6824 Barnsdale Road School Instructional Coach
Stacy Voras 6828 Barnsdale Road School ECE-Blended
Hope Witt 6802 Barnsdale Road School Secretary-Building
Justin Zelenka 6874 Barnsdale Road School Physical Therapist
Tom Akerman 7005 Administration Center Director of Buildings and Grounds
Amy Becker 7024 Administration Center
Executive Secretary 
Kimberly  Cicinelli  7025  Administration Center  Accounting Manager 
Mary Doyle 7021 Administration Center Departmental Secretary/Benefits Coordinator
James Dvorak 6535 Administration Center Maintenance
Christopher Finch 7018 Administration Center Asst Superintendent-Curriculum
Diana McCluskey 
7003 Administration Center
Asst Superintendent-Finance
Randy Lange 7123 Administration Center Coordinator-Talent Development
Dan Lee 7104 Administration Center Network Specialist
Linda McShane 7009 Administration Center Director of Assessment
David Holt 7015 Administration Center
Director of HR & PR
Mark Pavljasevic 6490 Administration Center Maintenance
Diane Rohlfs 7023 Administration Center Secretary-Administration
Kyle Schumacher 7001 Administration Center Superintendent
Kathleen Simon 7107 Administration Center Network Specialist
FirstName LastName Extension Building Email Position
Carol Anderson (708)482-2540 Administration Center Sub Caller
Steve Bogdan
Park Jr. High Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Lisa Brennan
Cossitt Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Marisa Raggio 6411 Forest Road Elementary Talent Development
Alison Cahan 6078 Congress Park Elementary Grade 2
Alejandro Campos 7133 Park Jr. High Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Kanti Chataut
Congress Park Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Mary Therese Luxem 6601
Ogden Elementary
Health Aide
Julia Cushing 6034 Congress Park Elementary World Languages - Elementary
Irma Garcia
Park Jr. High Matron
Maria Garcia
Barnsdale Road School Matron
Gloria Gora 6461 Forest Road Elementary Paraeducator-Preschool
Tim Gorman 6432 Forest Road Elementary Grade 3
Wojciech Guzik 6048 Congress Park Elementary Custodian
Lisa Hammon
Park Jr. High Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Manuel Hernandez 6278 Cossitt Elementary Custodian
Renee Hesik
Park Jr. High Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Steven Horonzy 6816 Barnsdale Road School Chief Custodian
Michael Janas
Park Jr. High Paraeducator-Connections
Amy Kalas 6881 Barnsdale Road School Speech
Molly Knott 6012 Congress Park Elementary Grade 4
Katarina Kokoska 6804
Barnsdale Road School Kindergarten
Amy Krenn
Park Jr. High Science/Health
Sydni Dames 6064 Congress Park Elementary Grade 1 Dual Language (English)
Catherine Lerczak
Cossitt Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Richard Lockhart
Park Jr. High Math, Study Skills
Richard Lockhart
Park Jr. High Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Andrea London 6469 Forest Road Elementary Reading Interventionist
Jennifer MacLean
Congress Park Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Joy Mieszala 7150
Park Jr. High World Language
Tania Morales 6084
Congress Park Elementary Kindergarten Dual Language
Kristine Nogal 6536 Forest Road Elementary Reading Interventionist
Thomas Norvilas
Administration Center Maintenance
Shannon Ozanich 6481 Forest Road Elementary Tech Aide
Alexander Parker 6234
Cossitt Elementary Grade 4
William Pelka 6606 Ogden Elementary Custodian
Robert Regan 7086 Park Jr. High Resource-Teacher
Gloria Rendon
Park Jr. High Paraeducator-Connections
Whytni Ritchie
Park Jr. High Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Luis Rodriguez 6057 Congress Park Elementary ELL (TPI)
Mayra Romero 6105 Congress Park Elementary ELL (TPI)
Molly Ryan 6046
Congress Park Elementary Grade 5
Lori Sieben 6474 Forest Road Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Mary Sorensen 6663
Ogden Elementary Reading Interventionist
Sarah Swiontek 6608
Ogden Elementary Grade 2
Jeff Teppema
Park Jr. High Band/Orchestra
Linda Tipperreiter 6203
Cossitt Elementary Secretary-Building
Jane Uckerman 6668 Forest Road Elementary Paraeducator-Connections
Elizabeth Valeika
Ogden Elementary Paraeducator-Classroom/Student
Dalia Vargas 6668 Forest Road Elementary Paraeducator-Connections
Juan Villalobos
Administration Center Delivery Driver
Manuel Villalobos 6440 Forest Road Elementary Custodian
Nora Wagner 6226 Cossitt/Ogden Physical Therapist
Erica Wolf 7082 Park Jr. High FUSE
Tina Biel 6447  Forest Road Elementary Psychologist
Amy Bray 6436  Forest Road Elementary Resource 
Aimee  Dobry  6613  Ogden Elementary  Kindergarten 
Maria  Ibarra-Lorence  6061  Congress Park Elementary  Dual Language Immersion 
Ann  Kaminski  6206 Cossitt Elementary  Physical Education 
Julie  Nicholson  6015  Congress Park Elementary  Resource 
Jessica  Parra-Valverde  6078  Congress Park Elementary  Grade 1 Dual Language (Spanish)
Mary  Martin 6879  Forest Road/Barnsdale Road  Speech 
Kateri  Quiñónez  7084  Administration Center  Director-Special Education  
Jeffrey  Bergholtz  6401  Forest Road Elementary  Principal 
Vanessa  Deaton  6025/7017  Congress Park Elementary  Family Liaison 
Kelly  Iovinelli     Barnsdale Road School
Nancy  Hite  7063  Park Jr. High  LRC Assistant 
Ellen  Sudeikis  6474  Forest Road Elementary  Paraeducator 
Andrea  Guelfi  6474  Forest Road Elementary  Paraeducator 
Lisa  McDonald    Barnsdale Road School  Paraeducator 
Charlotte  Slattery    Barnsdale Road School  Paraeducator-Connections 
Sarah  O'Brien    Barnsdale Road School  Paraeducator-Classroom/Student 
Barbara  Kimber     Barnsdale Road School  Paraeducator-Connections 
Stacey  Regan     Ogden Elementary  Resource-Teacher 
Risa  Umeno  6019/6870  Congress Park/Barnsdale Road  Occupational Therapist 
Susan  Redis    Congress Park Elementary  Paraeducator 
Nichole  Tolentino  6018  Congress Park Elementary Social Work Intern 
Marina  Nemeth  6663  Ogden Elementary  Long Term Sub - Spanish 
Maureen  Overman  6664  Ogden Elementary  Tech Aide 
Joy  Walke  6679  Ogden Elementary  Long Term Sub - Interventionist 
Krista  Arriaga    Ogden Elementary  Paraeducator-Classroom/Student 
Kathryn  Champagne  6656  Ogden Elementary  Occupational Therapist 
Danyelle  Olsen  6650  Ogden Elementary  Nurse 
Beth  Cornelison  7138  Park Jr. High  Nurse
Nancy  Sweet  6241  Cossitt Elementary  Nurse 
Morgan  Vogel  6241  Cossitt Elementary  Health Aide 
Sandra  Malone  6624  Ogden Elementary  Health Aide 
Sharon  Volz  6203  Cossitt Elementary  Office Assistant 
Thomasina  Hamilton    Barnsdale Road School  Paraeducator-Connections 
Deborah  Handke  7026  Administration Center  Payroll Coordinator 
Amanda  Wood  6601  Ogden Elementary  Office Assistant 
Joyce  Kalsch  6870  Barnsdale Road School  Occupational Therapist 
Christine  Cheney  6832  Barnsdale Road School  Kindergarten 
James  Robinette  6001 Congress Park Elementary  Principal 
Terry  Sofianos  7016  Administration Center  Asst Superintendent-Sp. Ed. 
Juan Lyle 7004  Administration Center  Director of Technology 
Sunny  Jonas  6006/6682 Congress Park/Ogden  Assistant Principal 
Laura   Finnegan  7027 Administration Center  Accounts Payable 
Erika  Bolte  6679  Ogden Elementary  Reading Interventionist 
Allison  Chapello  6236  Cossitt Elementary  Grade 4 
Emily  Chavez    Park Jr. High  Connections 
Aisling  Conroy  6074  Congress Park Elementary  Resource-Teacher 
Kristen  Drabicki  6423  Forest Road Elementary  Connections 
Michelle  Gross  6669  Ogden Elementary  Grade 5
Clare  Hutchinson  6632  Ogden Elementary  Grade 5 
Lizett  Judge    Park Jr. High/Congress Park  Resource Teacher 
Shannon  Kelly    Cossitt Elementary  Psychologist 
Ellen  Keenan  6022  Congress Park Elementary  Math Interventionist 
Ita  Luis  6663  Ogden Elementary  World Languages 
Amy  Matz    Ogden Elementary  Grade 4 
Dino  Mazzetti  6210  Cossitt Elementary  Music 
Brett  McMurray  6453  Forest Road Elementary  Resource Teacher 
Jordan  Naleway    Park Jr. High  Social Worker 
Sydney  Nelson  6082  Congress Park Elementary  Grade 6 
Jamie  Pfeiffer  6821  Barnsdale Road School  ELL (TPI) 
Jill  Rio  6819  Barnsdale Road School  PE 
Kelsy  Rojek  6040  Congress Park Elementary  Grade 3 
Sydney  Slager    Park Jr. High  Social Studies 
Megan  Truesdale  6255  Cossitt Elementary  Resource Teacher 
Michael  Trulis    Park Jr. High  Art 
Amy  Weltin  6859  Barnsdale/Cossitt  Resource Teacher 
Jill  Wilhite    Ogden Elementary  Resource Teacher 
Melissa  Carbone  6435  Forest Road Elementary  Health Aide 
Lauren  Rowder  6634  Ogden Elementary  Talent Development 
Nancy   Berigan  6235  Cossitt Elementary  Grade 5 
Eboni  Brownlee    Cossitt Elementary  Paraeducator 
Lauren  Giorango  3223  Cossitt Elementary  Nurse 
Ana Maria  Mojarro  6403  Forest Road Elementary  Office Assistant 
Ellen  Thompson  6474  Forest Road Elementary  Paraeducator 
Wesley   Rusick    Cossitt Elementary  Paraeducator 
Vanessa  Robertson  6290  Cossitt Elementary  Grade 2 
Fatema  Aoki    Congress Park Elementary  Paraeducator 
Elizabeth  Callahan-Maciasz    Barnsdale Road School  Paraeducator 
Erica  Coss    Congress Park Elementary  Paraeducator 
Sally  Ganzer    Barnsdale Road School  Paraeducator 
Sheryl  Glazov    Cossitt Elementary  Paraeducator 
Miranda  Gustavson    Cossitt Elementary  Paraeducator 
Amy  Bilak    Forest Road Elementary  Paraeducator-Connections 
Paula  Krauza  6474  Forest Road Elementary  Paraeducator 
Jen  Lajewski   6474  Forest Road Elementary  Paraeducator 
Sylvia  Wiginton  6668  Forest Road Elementary  Paraeducator 
Ann  Jones  6668  Forest Road Elementary  Paraeducator-Connections 
Michelle  Mirza  6474  Forest Road Elementary  Paraeducator 
Lisa  Cavaliere  6559  Forest Road Elementary  Instructional Coach 
Francesca  Freidel  6803  Barnsdale Road School  Kindergarten 
Paula  Vedok  6835  Barnsdale Road School  Speech 
Diane  Connor  6814  Barnsdale Road School  Resource and Music 
Satyra  Harris  6869  Barnsdale Road School
Occupational Therapist  
Melissa  Bunda  6854  Barnsdale/Congress Park  Social Worker