The Parent Advisory Committee is an advisory group comprised of District 102 parents who provide ongoing dialogue with and feedback to District administrative staff regarding educational processes, objectives, initiatives, and results and communicate back to the larger parent community.


Responsibilities of Committee members will be to attend all meetings, give feedback and suggestions where appropriate, recommend instructional areas to look at, and report out to parent groups and other interested parties at the school level. The work of the Committee should fall within the general parameters of the District's strategic plan. The District considers the Committee to be a key link in its efforts to regularly communicate with and gain feedback from parents.


Terms will alternate every year so half of the committee remains the same for two consecutive years. Members will serve two-year terms.

Operating Parameters

1. This committee is an advisory committee and is not a direct decision-making committee. It is, however, the group the District will initially seek parent ideas about and reactions to District educational processes and initiatives.

2. A member of the committee will be designated to keep minutes and submit them to District 102 for distribution to other members and subsequent posting on the District website.

3. Parent representatives from each school need to be identified to the group they represent in order to facilitate input and feedback. Parent representatives are responsible for determining the best method to identify their role to the individual schools they represent and how to effectively report back to the representative school parent body.

4. If a topic is brought to the table which is determined by the group to be beyond the scope of the committee, the group should forward the information to the appropriate people and notate as such in the minutes.

5. Review and follow effective group communication techniques and leadership by consensus.

6. Responsibility for topics of discussion and leadership of group discussion will be shared between parents and District representatives.

7. A self-evaluation by the group of effectiveness of the advisory committee should be taken at the end of the year along with recommendations for changes if needed.

2017-18 PAC Meeting Dates

All meetings begin at 7:00 PM in the LRC.

Date                Location                                                   

Oct 2               Forest Road

Nov 13            Park Jr. High

Jan 29             Congress Park                                     

Mar 12            Ogden                 

Apr 16             Cossitt  

2018-19 PAC Members

School Current Members Term
Congress Park Coming Soon
Cossitt Coming Soon

Forest Road Coming Soon

Ogden Coming Soon
Barnsdale Coming Soon
Board of Education Coming Soon
Staff Kyle Schumacher, Superintendent (Chair)