Congress Park Beautification Committee


To make the outside features of Congress Park School more attractive and appealing 

through collaboration with Principal Ramsey, District 102, and independently. 



Congress Park School’s Beautification Committee is comprised of a group of parents, staff, community members, and students working closely with Principal Ramsey to achieve its goals.



The Beautification Committee was formed in the spring of 2010 and has already made progress.

The following projects were completed in the summer before the school year 2010-11 due to the efforts of this committee working with the district :

  • Trees on the parkways were circled and mulched to help the landscapers avoid nicking the bases.
  • The marquee received a new coat of paint.
  • The American Flag is now displayed on the freshly painted flagpole on Shields with halyards in working order. 
  • Bushes removed from entrance of Door #8 on Shields (BASE door) and sod and landscaping added.
  • The dead tree near the garden on Shields Ave. was scheduled to be removed, but nature stepped in and uprooted it during a powerful storm in June 2010.



There are even more projects coming soon for 2010-11:
  • New garbage cans to replace the silver, dented one currently on the playground.
  • Power-washing doors 7 on Shields and 8 on Raymond to remove years of built-up grime.

  • Painting of the chain-link fence.
  • Painting of gutters on older part of building.
  • Girl scouts and volunteers to work on flagpole garden on Shields.


Larger, ongoing projects sponsored by the Beautification Committee:

  • *Congress Park Community Corner
  • A shaded area with seating and planters or landscaping on the playground, close to Door 5, to welcome incoming kindergartners and their families to Congress Park, as well as, provide a place for children and the community to spend time in the shade.
  • Site Furnishings:
  • • 2 Benches in slate blue
  • • Handicap accessible Picnic Table in navy blue
  • • Shade Structure
  • *Working with the community to help us build a Learning Garden.
  • *A mosaic project to be designed by Becky Cortez and artists from
  • Fishbait Studios and sponsored by The Salt Creek American Art Foundation.


For more information or if you are interested in joining Congress Park's Beautification Committee,

please contact Congress Park's Principal, Mrs. Michele Ramsey at 708-482-2430.