In light of the continuing developments with COVID-19, all District 102 buildings will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. For all communication related to COVID-19, please look at our D102 alert page. 

For additional support during alternative learning, please click the following links: 
Family Resources for Alternative Learning
Surviving Remote Learning and COVID-19 Coping Support

Barnsdale Attendance Form
Congress Park Attendance Form
Cossitt Attendance Form
Forest Road Attendance Form
Ogden Attendance Form
Park Jr. High Attendance Form


District 102 uses a variety of resources to support instruction and empowers teachers to tailor lessons to the needs of their individual students and classrooms. As a District, we believe that teachers are best suited to craft units of instruction that are engaging, relevant and meaningful to students and must have access to high quality, supportive resources to do so. "Curricular resources" is a general term that can be represented as physical resources such as textbooks, workbooks, games or manipulatives; digital resources such as online applications, hardware or software; pedagogical resources such as an instructional practice, theory or framework; or professional resources such as a content expert, professional network or organization.

While teachers draw from a wide array of tools and resources, District 102 has adopted several foundational curricular resources that are the basis for our instruction and support the District's instructional approaches. You will find information about these resources below.

English Literature & Language Arts
Social Studies