In light of the continuing developments with COVID-19, all District 102 buildings will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. For all communication related to COVID-19, please look at our D102 alert page. 

For additional support during alternative learning, please click the following links: 
Family Resources for Alternative Learning
Surviving Remote Learning and COVID-19 Coping Support

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Meet Our Family Liaisons 


As your Family Liaisons, we seek to facilitate communication between families, district staff, other families and community partners to better meet the social and academic needs of our students’ families. Our deliberate community-building approach is designed to forge partnerships throughout District 102. We are eager to collectively enact strategies that realize and develop our strengths as a whole. The diagram below provides an overview of the framework in which each Family Liaison operates within:


Welcome Center

The objective of the new D102 Welcome Center located at 333 N. Park Road, LaGrange Park, IL (inside of Park Jr. High) is to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for all District students' families, especially students from diverse backgrounds. The Welcome Center’s foundation focuses on supports, education, conversations, and celebrations that embrace all cultures and identities. Our center will host language classes, technology workshops, forums, family to family meet and greet, and much more. The center will be an expanding source of supports accessible to all families to further our students' academic success. Please setup an appointment with any of the Family Liaisons to visit and get connected. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Click here to watch our YouTube introduction.

Conozca Nuestras Coodinadoras de Familia 


Como sus coordinadoras familiars, buscamos facilitar la comunicación entre familias, personal del distrito y socios comunitarios para satisfacer mejor las necesidades socials y académicas de nuestros estudiantes. Nuestro enfoque deliberado de construcción de la comunidad está diseñado para forjar asociaciones en todo el Distrito 102. Estamos ansiosos por implementar colectivamente estrategias que realicen y desarrollen nuestras fortalezas en su todo. El siguiente diagrama proporciona una visión general del marco en el que opera can Coordinadora de Familias:


Centro de Bienvenida

El objetivo del nuevo Centro de Bienvenida D102 ubicado en 333 N. Park Rd.,LaGrange Park, IL (dentro de Escuela Park Jr.High) es asegurar un ambiente acogedor e inclusivo para todos las familias de estudiantes del distrito, especialmente estudiantes de diversos orígenes. La fundación del Centro de Bienvenida se centra en el apoyo, la educación, la conversación y las celebraciones que abarcan la cultura y las identidades. Nuestro Centro organizará classes de idiomas,. foros de talleres de tecnología, reuniones de encontrarse y saludarse de familia a familia, y mucho más. . Haga un cita con cualquiera de las coordinadoras para visitar y conectarse. Esperamos verte pronto!