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A key mission of Elementary School District 102 is to develop the academic abilities and personal attributes of all students. We believe that within our student population are high ability learners, those who possess either high levels of performance or high levels of potential in a variety of academic areas and/or expressions of talent. Because these high levels are found in children from all backgrounds and experiences, homes and schools must work together to discover these students, meet their educational needs, and monitor their academic, social, and emotional growth.

The school district will strive to provide challenging, appropriate curriculum for all learners, including those who perform (or have the potential to perform) at high levels. This intent is best accomplished within the school district through a variety of services and settings targeting specific learner needs; some of which might not ordinarily be provided in the core curriculum.  The school and the community will make it a priority to match services and settings inside and outside of the general classroom with the unique intellectual, social, and emotional needs of high ability students.

District 102 believes that by designing specialized programs intended to enhance district curriculum and develop talent, we will foster within high ability learners individual excellence through advanced understandings and skills. By nurturing and challenging all students to their fullest potential, we will prepare future leaders and lifelong learners for an ever-changing world.

Please visit this site often to keep abreast of the exciting evolution during our journey in developing the Talent Development Services Program. Feel free to contact me at or 708-215-7123. By working together, we can increase the thinking abilities of all learners.

Randy Lange, PhD

Talent Development Services Program Coordinator

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