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LaGrange School District 102 is invested in the development of our teaching staff through a TWO-YEAR  district facilitated mentoring program. At its core, mentoring in the first year will be a one-on-one relationship intended to advocate and guide new in-role teachers. The mentor usually helps the protege identify career goals and provides advice and guidance. The second year will help cultivate relationships with other D102 colleagues. 

Our Goals
  •  Improving communication: Effective teachers need to know how to establish positive, trusted relationships. Working with a protege provides an opportunity to practice necessary skills, including empathy and active listening.
  •  Expand connections and networks: Cultivating networks is a critical factor in career success and progression. Having a connection within the district will help bridge learning gaps.
  • Promoting self-reflection: Mentoring provides an opportunity to reflect not only on what you have achieved but also on how you got there. Identify which attributes and strengths were critical to your career path success and how you be doing now to ensure you continue to learn and develop those attributes. Your mentor will support deeper insights on your own learning path and achievements throughout the process.
Our Benefits
  • Mentor to protege professional development.
  • Grade level meetings across the district, not just singular school.
  • Early student release on Wednesdays for professional planning.
  • District provided educational opportunities during planning time.
  • District funded out of district professional development days.
Our Values




"I love being a part of cultivating a positive, multicultural mindset at D102."

Jessica Parra-Valverde, Congress Park
Years of Experience: 13 years


"I was welcomed with open arms by my teammates and administration.
I have always felt supported from my building principals to try new things and grow myself as an educator. I love being part of a team working in fifth grade and a part of a community of teachers that want to give our students engaging experiences."


Stephanie Kean, Forest Road
Years of experience: 8 years 

"Working with such amazing teammates challenges me to rise up in order to meet the high expectations that my colleagues set... My time at Park and District 102 has been enriched by my connection to programs that are dedicated to helping all students reach their individual potential"

Robert Regan, Park Junior High School 
Years of experience: 6+