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Our Approach to Teaching & Learning

District 102's vision is to ensure children are prepared to serve their communities, engage in intelligent, respectful discourse, and thrive in high school and beyond. To actualize this vision, the District utilizes varied instructional approaches designed to actively engage students in developing creativity, innovative problem-solving, empathy, and a passion for learning.

District 102's instructional approach for all students is grounded in four core principles.

We believe in instruction that is...

  • Inquiry Based - Engaging students to become invested in their own learning begins by activating their curiosity. Inquiry based learning allows students to explore, hypothesize, and test their own thinking. Teachers facilitate the learning and coach students to find solutions that are effective, efficient and supported by evidence.
  • Multisensory - Typically, school instruction relies on a student's visual and auditory senses. A multisensory approach asks students to process their thinking through multiple pathways and to use those multiple pathways to demonstrate their understanding.
  • Equity Focused - Equity focused instruction ensures all students have the tools, resources and supports necessary to access high levels of learning within the classroom. Additionally, equity focused instruction integrates multiple perspectives and varying dimensions of multiculturalism to deepen a student's thinking.
  • Identity Relevant - Students quickly develop identities about who they are as learners/people and use those identifiers to determine if they are good students, or smart, or successful in school. Identity relevant instruction intentionally supports students in building positive perspectives on themselves as capable and successful learners in all areas.


District 102's Instructional Approach (PDF)

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Teaching & Learning Staff
Christopher L. Finch, Ed.D
Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning
Phone: 708-215-7018
Kathy Boxell
Director of Instructional Equity & Accountability
Phone: 708-215-XXXX
Maureen Lockie
Curriculum Coordinator
Phone: 708-215-XXXX
Linda McShane
Assessment Coordinator
Phone: 708-215-7009
Randy Lange, Ph.D
Talent Development Coordinator
Phone: 708-215-7123
Lynn Lawrence
Social Emotional Learning &
Mentoring Coordinator
Phone: 708-215-7075
  Rachel Owens, Ed.D
Bilingual Coordinator
Phone: 708-215-XXXX