In School District 102, technology is used by students to find, use, analyze, and present information and to communicate and work effectively in groups to accomplish a task. Technology is an important part of learning in an integrated setting and for meeting varied student academic needs.

The Illinois State Standards integrate technology into each curriculum. Following current best practice, the state encourages total integration of technology and that technology be used as a tool, not taught as a separate subject.

In District 102 technology is integrated into the curriculum and used as a tool on an as-needed basis, rather than as-scheduled. Teachers, along with support staff, determine how to best integrate technology.

District 102 filters access to the Internet and provides passwords and other methods of security on the network; but it is impossible to guarantee that students will not gain access to inappropriate material. The staff works with students to help them understand what is inappropriate, why it is inappropriate, and why it is important not to abuse the use of the network and Internet.

Once parents and the student sign-off on the district's Authorized Use of Technology Policy, network and Internet access is made available to the student. 

For purposes of online testing, students and parents are not required to sign off on the District's Authorized Use of Technology Policy. However, being a Board of Education policy, all users are bound by the policy even if parents or students have not acknowledged agreement by signing off.