snap chatter

This series is open to all parents, staff, and community members in the district and focuses on topics of interest to many, including executive functioning development, anxiety, and mindfulness. The sessions are online with an in-person hybrid option for the second speaker, and all sessions will take place between 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. on the indicated dates.

Leslie Josel | Late, Lost & Lagging Behind: Demystifying Executive Functions

January 27th, ONLINE:

Executive function skills are essential to how we learn and act. They're the brain's ability to self-regulate, complete tasks, be time-aware, and remember information. In essence, they control EVERYTHING we do. Renowned expert, Leslie Josel, will describe the six pillars of executive functions, including time management, working memory, effort, and mood regulation. She'll highlight the importance of understanding Executive Age, and provide insight into how we can help our students strengthen their EF muscle. Leslie will also bring her signature “Triple T’s” to the table, offering REAL practical tips and tools from her time in the trenches to help conquer organization, time management, and focusing challenges.

SNAP is sponsoring a book study in advance of Leslie Josel's session. Her book, How To Do It Now...Because It’s Not Going Away: An Expert Guide To Getting Stuff Done is a "straight-talking guide filled with real-life solutions to help students get done what they need to get done NOW." 

This title is readily available for under $15 from Amazon and similar booksellers.

There will be an online discussion of Leslie's book on Thursday, February 24th, from 4 pm until 5:30 pm with staff. Interested parents are welcome to attend the discussion.


 Dr. Doug Bolton | Mental Health Lessons Learned From COVID

March 1st, HYBRID: Park LRC for in-person 

Virtual option:

Before COVID, there was a childhood mental health crisis. As challenging and painful as COVID has been on all of us, the disruption of this pandemic has pushed us all to find resilience during a time of remarkable stress. In this talk, Psychologist and Educator, Dr. Doug Bolton will share some of the lessons we are learning from COVID about how to use stressful times to build resilience in our children that will help them now and in the future.

Terry Sofianos Wohlgenant | Mindfulness for Parents and Educators

April 12th, ONLINE:

Assistant Superintendent Terry Sofianos Wohlgenant has been a student of Zen meditation since 1998. As a second and third-grade teacher as well as a special education teacher and consultant, she taught her students simple mindfulness techniques, such as belly breathing, silent pauses, and sensory strategies. As a parent, Terry has supported her own children in addressing anxiety and other mental health and behavioral challenges. Two years ago, Terry became the primary caregiver for her husband as he navigated terminal brain cancer while she continued to co-parent and serve as an educational leader. Terry regularly broadens her collection of mindfulness techniques through a variety of sources that support grief, loss, trauma, stress reduction, and positive change. Join Terry and Katie Ozanich, Connections Intermediate Teacher and certified yoga instructor, for an hour of mindfulness exercises as well as practical and immediate strategies for dealing with the everyday challenges of parenting and teaching in these unusual times.