Mighty Patriots

What are the Mighty Patriots? 

It’s a Special Olympic Basketball Team where General education students and special education students come together to show you the most unbelievable experience ever. 

Who is involved? 

Special Education Students try out for the basketball team (no former basketball knowledge needed)

ANY STUDENT can try out for the following positions:

  • Student coaches

  • Student Manager

  • Fans in the Stands

  • 4 Mascots

  • 1 Mighty DJ

  • Behind the scenes Teens- Help with advertising, game prep, etc

In a typical year, we have 50-60 students involved in the Mighty Patriots. 

What is the time commitment?

October – February

Weekly practices are typically on Friday 3:30-4:10 

Roughly 8-10 away games and 4 home games

Winter Break Party

End of Season Party

Why join?

It’s a great way to make friends and make a difference!

Contact information:

Geri Pasieka  @

Christy Schwartz @

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