Vision 2030 

La Grange Elementary School District 102
Strategic Plan SY 2025 - 2029

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Our Mission

Equitably engage students by offering an inclusive education that fulfills individual needs and empowers them to achieve their academic potential 

Our Vision

High Expectations And Continuous Improvement For All

Core Values

  • High Expectations

  • Excellence

  • Equity

  • Belonging

  • Student-Centerdness

  • Accountability

  • Innovation

  • Collaboration


  • In February of 2024, the District 102 Board of Education 

    authorized the revitalization and renewal of the District 102 

    Strategic Plan. To start this process, the Board was joined by the District and Building administration to engage in a public discussion about the direction and investments of the District.  This discussion was facilitated by Dr. Robert Madonia (RJM Consulting) and the the Superintendent.  The result of that initial discussion yielded the six areas of focus guiding this strategic planning as well as updates to the Mission, Vision and Core values of D102.  

  • Over the following three months, the Superintendent held focus group meetings with faculty and staff from all six district schools, engaged community discussions with parents at all six schools, and created a stakeholder survey distributed to all tax paying members LaGrange District 102.  These efforts were designed to gain a nuanced understanding of the needs and desires of all stakeholders in the District.  

  • The District then created an open invitation for staff, 

    parents and community members to join a comprehensive 

    strategic planning committee. This committee, whose representation is listed below, was composed of 90 members - 25 staff, 49 parents and 16 community and business partners. 

  • The Objectives and Strategies in this Strategic Plan are a direct result of their two-day discussions in April. The District owes the committee a debt of gratitude for taking the time and committing their energy to articulating a roadmap for success and continuous improvement.