Student Advocates

Who we are:

Greetings! As your student advocates, we seek to assist students and families by removing
barriers that are interfering with their ability to find success at school. However, our roles go far
beyond that. We serve as a personal safety net; empowering students to succeed, and
providing seamless encouragement, guidance, and assistance.

Mr. Ty Sally | Student Advocate | | (708) 215-6479

Ms. Janice Holman | Student Advocate | | (708) 215-6479


Where you can find us:
We work throughout the school building, but our home base is adjacent to Room 209 in a space
we refer to as “MySpace”. MySpace is to intended to provide a positive environment where
A.L.O.P students come for support and work towards individualized goals. Upon leaving, our
objective is for students to feel confident, empowered, and ready to face the remainder of the