Board Committees

Pursuant to School Board Policy 2:150, the Board of Education may establish committees to assist with the Board's governance function and, in some situations, to comply with State law requirements. These committees report directly to the Board. Committee members may include both Board members and non-Board members depending on the committee's purpose. The Board President makes all Board committee appointments unless specifically stated otherwise. Board committee meetings shall comply with the Open Meetings Act. A Board committee may not take final action on behalf of the Board - it may only make recommendations to the Board.

Special Board Committees

A special committee may be created for specific purposes or to investigate special issues. A special committee is automatically dissolved after presenting its final report to the Board or at the Board's discretion.

Parent Advisory Committee

PAC Members

Mission: The Parent Advisory Committee is an advisory group comprised of District 102 parents who provide ongoing dialogue with and feedback to District administrative staff regarding educational processes, objectives, initiatives, and results and communicate back to the larger parent community.

Committee Member's Responsibilities: Responsibilities of Committee members will be to attend all meetings, give feedback and suggestions where appropriate, recommend instructional areas to look at, and report out to parent groups and other interested parties at the school level. The work of the Committee should fall within the general parameters of the District's strategic plan. The District considers the Committee to be a key link in its efforts to regularly communicate with and gain feedback from parents.

Committee Member's Term Length: Terms will alternate every year so half of the committee remains the same for two consecutive years. Members will serve two-year terms.

Committee for Equity and Minority Achievement (CEMA)

Cultivate an equitable educational experience for all students that will positively impact opportunity gaps for minority students to increase overall student achievement.

Please contact Dr. Afina Lockhart, Director of Student Services for District 102, for further information

The La Grange School District 102 Committee for Equity & Minority Achievement will meet throughout the academic year and act as an advisory committee to the School Board that will advance high expectations and aims to cultivate an equitable educational experience for all students that will positively impact opportunity gaps for minority and low-income students to increase overall growth and achievement.

Financial Advisory Committee

The Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) is a school board subcommittee for the ongoing discussion of La Grange School District 102’s financial health and challenges in an informal atmosphere.  The committee functions as a focus group (as opposed to a “Watch Dog” group).  The committee’s intentions are to:

  • Deliver community transparency in regards to the district’s fiscal responsibility

  • Insure that resource allocation is appropriate across the system and that it equitably matches the needs of students in each school

  • Explore alternative ways to manage district finances

  • Provide a sounding board to district administration and/or Board Members to evaluate proposed ideas prior to implementation

  • Assist the administration by providing input and recommendations on reports and presentations that result in a better product for the Board of Education and Community