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Brief History

The Instrumental Music Program in School District 102 has existed for over 65 years. Through these years, thousands of children have received an education in instrumental music, performing in our bands and orchestras. Currently, anywhere from 550-650 students participate in our program which is one of the reasons why our Instrumental Music Program has earned a reputation of excellence in this community.

Band and Orchestra

Band instruments include: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, cornet, French horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba, and percussion. Orchestra instruments include: violin, viola, cello and string bass. A quick way to distinguish band instruments from orchestra instruments is: Band--you ‘blow’, Orchestra--you ‘bow’. Our full-time Instrumental Music instructors are: Tom Culver (Orchestra) and Jason Lyons (Band). Our part time instructors include: Nancy Flanagan (Band), Carolyn May (Band), and Jeff Teppema (Orchestra).

Music Teacher Contacts

Tom Culver (Orchestra),, ext. 7051

Jason Lyons (Band),, ext. 7050

Carolyn May (Beginning Band),, ext. 7134

Jeff Teppema (Orchestra),, ext. 7015

Nancy Flanagan (Band),, ext. 7147

Concert Uniforms


District 102 supports music as an integral part of your child’s education. The Band or Orchestra fee ($140 for 5th/6th grade, $80 for 7th/8th grade) that you pay to School District 102 covers District fees such as bus service back to your child’s school after morning rehearsals.

PIMA (Parents Instrumental Music Association) is a volunteer parent organization which supports the Band and Orchestra Programs for 4th – 8th grades in District 102. PIMA is comprised of an executive board as well as representatives from Congress Park, Cossitt, Forest Road, Ogden and Park Junior High. We also have committee chairpersons for fundraising, band / orchestra chaperones, refreshments and social events.

PIMA sponsors music field trips, such as the 5th/6th grade outing to West Suburban Symphony and the 7th/8th grade trip, as well as Band/Orchestra tours and workshops.

PIMA helps pay for musical instruments, equipment and uniforms for the band/orchestra program.

PIMA provides scholarship money for summer music camps for students entering 8th grade as well as monthly instrument rental fees for students who demonstrate financial need and participate in PIMA’s Fall Fundraiser.

PIMA sponsors social events, such as a mid-year roller skating party and the End of Year Celebration for 4th – 6th graders at Enchanted Castle in May.

In order for PIMA to be able to provide these benefits and opportunities, we ask every band or orchestra student to participate in either our annual Fall Fundraiser OR Buyout option.  Each year at registration you will receive a Fundraising / Buyout Form. 

 With the Buyout option, you can forgo fundraiser selling and donate directly to PIMA.  Click here for the Fundraising Buyout Form to pay by check. Forms can be returned with checks with your registration materials or directly to your Director at rehearsal.

You may also participate in buyout via Paypal below.  

Resources and Information for Parents

includes the above plus the following:

Girls: Red cummerbund. Your dress must be ankle length.

Boys: Red cummerbund and red bow tie.

7th Grade Scholarship

Every year our music parent's group, PIMA, provides scholarships for 7th grade band and orchestra students to attend a summer music camp of their choice.

Many students have benefited from these scholarships in the past. 
We usually help between 4-10 students attend the camp of their choice. The scholarships are intended to provide partial financial assistance for students who want to attend music camp, as the typical cost is between $300-$600 per week. Scholarship amounts vary from year to year depending on how many students are selected to receive a scholarship.

Summer music camps are an excellent way to improve your music skills, meet new people who play your instrument, and play in some outstanding bands and orchestras. There are usually a lot of social events planned during the evenings. Most camps run 1 or 2 weeks, and give you a few different dates of attendance to choose from.

Some of the camps our students have attended in the past are:

Illinois Summer Youth Music at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Twin Lake, MI (lower peninsula) [Note: Blue Lake may also offer small scholarships for some of their camps.]
The University of Wisconsin at Whitewater (between Milwaukee and Madison)  

The university camps provide dorm housing, and Blue Lake provides a more outdoor-type environment (the students sleep in cabins.)

As a 7th grader, you are eligible to apply for the scholarship by writing an essay explaining why you would like to attend a music camp this summer. Everyone can benefit from music camp, no matter what level of ability they have, as long as they enjoy playing their instrument. Everyone is encouraged to apply.

Please write at least two paragraphs explaining why you would like to attend a summer music camp. The following questions are provided for you to help with the content of the essay. All essays must be submitted to your band or orchestra teacher by Thursday, March 13th in order to be considered. Essays should be typed. Essays should be at least two paragraphs and no more than two pages in length.

Topics to Cover:

 What is your instrument and how long have you been playing?
What type of activities have you been involved in while in Orchestra or Band (i.e. Solo/Ensemble contest, section leader, Outstanding Progress Award, Attendance Award, Prelude, Jazz Band, other ensemble member, etc...)
What types of skills would you like to learn at camp?
How do you plan to use the skills learned at music camp in the Band or Orchestra?
Do you have any additional closing comments?

If you have any questions (dates of camps, etc.), please see your teacher.

Rehearsal Schedule

Band and Orchestra rehearsals are held at Park Jr High at 7:30a.m. (arrive by 7:20) on the following days:

  • Mondays: Concert Band and PSO

  • Tuesdays: Advanced Band (6th grade) and Beginning Orchestra (4th grade)

  • Wednesdays: Beginning Band (4th grade) and Advanced Orchestra (6th grade)

  • Thursdays: Concert Band and PSO

  • Fridays: Intermediate Band (5th grade) and Intermediate Orchestra (5th grade)

End of Year Orchestra Schedule

The schedule for Rehearsal and Lessons for the final few weeks of the year (May, 2014) is as follows:

“Daytime Lessons” will conclude on the following dates:

  • Park - Monday, May 22

  • Forest Road - Tuesday, May 16

  • Congress Park - Wednesday, May 14

  • Ogden - Thursday, May 15

  • Cossitt - Friday, May 16

“Morning Rehearsals” will conclude on the following dates:

  • Beginning Orchestra -Tuesday, May 20

  • Intermediate Orchestra - Friday, May 24

  • Advanced Orchestra - Wednesday, May 21

  • PSO Orchestra - Thursday, May 22

String Tuning Guide

The 'District 102 Orchestra Tuning Guide' was put together by Mr. Culver and Mr. Teppema. This guide serves as a reference for students, as they start taking more initiative to tune their instruments.

The tuning guide refers to several products and programs that students can use to assist them with tuning (i.e.. pitch pipes, tuning forks, smart phone apps, on-line tuning aids {including URLs}, etc).

Mr. Culver and Mr. Teppema recommend that you peruse the tuning aids mentioned on page 3 of the 
'District 102 Orchestra Tuning Guide' with your child before making a decision on which tuning aid is best for them.

End Of Year Tips For Beginning Band

The end of the year is quickly approaching and you may have a few questions about what to do over the summer. Hopefully this letter will answer those questions.

What should I do with my instrument? Keep your instrument over the summer so you can continue practicing so you won’t forget all that you have learned this past year. Do not return your instrument if you plan to play in Intermediate Band next year because you will lose all the rental credit you have built up during this past school year. If you have decided to drop band in 5th grade, please return your instrument at the last early rehearsal on May 25th to Mrs. May at Park Junior High.

What music should I practice? You should continue practicing in Essential Elements, Book 1. Review old material and go ahead in the book, if you’d like. Remember, you need to be able to play up to #100 in the book to move into Intermediate Band. There are a lot of fun songs further along in the book for you to learn. Study the fingering chart at the end of the book to expand your range of notes that you know. Make sure you can play the rhythm exercises on page 42--see how far you can go without making a mistake. Start working on the new band music you will receive for next year’s Intermediate Band. Play through any of your “fun” tunes.

Be sure to have enough reeds to get you through the summer. P.M. Music will be happy to mail any order of music or supplies (630-978-9927.)

You could also take private lessons—please see the Private Teacher list that we have compiled.

Most importantly, don’t let your instrument just sit in the case all summer. If you do, you will be very disappointed when you realize how much you have forgotten when September comes around.

When does Band start up in the fall? You will receive a letter in the mail in late August with all the information about first rehearsal dates, lesson schedules, concert dates, etc. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you then.


Tips For Success In Instrumental Music

Where?—Find a quiet place to practice (your bedroom, the basement, etc.).

When? - Decide on the best time to practice: before school, right after school, before dinner, right after dinner, etc. Try to make practicing part of a routine, just like doing homework.

How long? - Gradually build up to 20 minutes a session (or longer if desired). Be sure to fill in the practice chart as to how many minutes you practiced and have your parents sign your chart before your lesson. Your goal is to practice 100 minutes per week. Grading scale: 100 minutes=A, 75-99 min.=B, 50-74 min.=C, 25-49 min.=D, less than 24=F

What do you need? - We highly recommend purchasing a music stand and sitting on a firm chair. This will encourage correct posture which will affect your tone and breathing capability. We also recommend that clarinet, sax, and oboe players have a supply of reeds at home to use as theirs break; clarinet and sax players should purchase a box of #2½ reeds, and oboes should always have 3 medium-soft reeds to use. Flutes need to have a square piece of cotton material to swab out their flutes - a man’s handkerchief or a bandanna works well. Brass instruments need valve oil and slide grease.

What to expect? - It takes awhile for you to sound really good on your instrument. It takes time, patience, practice, and encouragement from parents!

Rehearsals and lessons - Ask your parents for help remembering when you have your early morning practice and when you have your small group lesson. Be on time! Remember, you are wasting other student’s time when we have to send someone to get you in your classroom.

Parent’s Instrumental Music Association (P.I.M.A) - This “booster” group helps the Instrumental Music Department in so many ways. Please consider volunteering one time a year to help out with all our activities.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 482-2500 (Ex. 2134 for Mrs. May, Ex. 2050 for Mr. Lyons). We’re glad to help. Let’s work together to make your first year in the instrumental music program a great success!!!

Band/Orchestra Bus Schedule



  • Windemere and Raymond SE 6:48 am

  • Windemere and Maple SE 6:50 am

  • Rochester and Maple NW 6:56 am

  • Rochester and Raymond NE 6:57am

  • Shields and Raymond SW 6:58 am

  • Congress Park and Raymond SW 7:00 am

  • Cossitt and Washington SW 7:03 am

  • 7th and Elm SE 7:06 am

  • Ashland and Cossitt SE 7:09 am

  • Goodman and Sunset SE 7:12 am

  • Blackstone and Linklater NW 7:14 am

  • Park Junior High ARRIVE 7:20 am



  • Woodlawn and Newberry NE 6:48 am

  • Harding and Newberry NW 6:50 am

  • Jackson and Newberry SE 6:52 am

  • Garfield and Newberry SE 6:53 am

  • Garfield and Kemman SE 6:54 am

  • 26th and Newberry NE 6:56 am

  • 30th and Beach

  • 30th and Newberry NE 6:57 am

  • 31st and Newberry NW 6:58 am

  • 29th and Community SE 7:02 am

  • Scotdale and Stonegate NW 7:03 am

  • Garden Drive and Stonegate NW 7:04 am

  • 29th and Woodside NW 7:06 am

  • 26th and Forest Road SW 7:08 am

  • 30th and Forest Road NW 7:10 am

  • Jackson and Forest Road NW 7:12 am

  • Harding and Forest Road NW 7:13 am

  • Homestead and Sherwood NW 7:16 am

  • Park Junior High ARRIVE 7:20 am