Finance and Operations Department Overview


The Department of Finance and Operations is responsible for the financial operations and general business services of the district. This includes fiscal planning, budgeting, accounting activities, purchasing, payroll activities, School Nutrition Services, Student Transportation, and Risk Management.

Our department seeks to reflect the mission of D102 in each area of service which is for our students to reach academic achievement through equity.

Tonisha Sibley

Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations

(708) 215-7003

Table of Contents

District Financial Reports

District Financial Reports

School District Adopted Budget

This state-required annual budget report begins on July 1  ends on June 30, each year.  This report is prepared and submitted on a prescribed state form and was approved and adopted by the Board of Education. Please click below to view the fiscal year district's budgets.

School District Annual Financial Report/Audit

LaGrange School District 102, along with all other Illinois school districts, is required to file an annual financial statement of actual audited financial results for the fiscal year. This report is prepared and submitted on a prescribed state form. The reports below contain an audited Annual Financial Statement of actual financial results, prepared on the cash basis of accounting. 

School District Annual Statement of Affairs

The Annual Statement of Affairs report complies with the ISBE mandate for school districts to provide annual financial summary information, including employee compensation and vendor payments. Below is the Annual Statement of Affairs reports by fiscal year.