Solar Panels

Over the last month, community members and district employees may have noticed demonstrations by union workers regarding the solar panel installation project at various LaGrange 102 locations.  Please note that LaGrange 102 did not manage, contract, bid out any of the labor or recruit any workers for this project.  Subcontracted labor for this project is being handled solely by our independent consultant, Fresh Coast Solar.  It should also be pointed out that LaGrange 102 is not financing or paying for any costs associated with the installation of these solar panels.   The district’s role in this project is to provide the facilities to Fresh Coast Solar for solar panel installation with the purpose of district energy savings and purchasing renewable energy.

Community and staff should be aware that the school district is obligated legally to follow all state bidding requirements and codes as well as all state labor prevailing wage statutes for any building or construction projects funded by LaGrange 102.  LaGrange 102 has no input or influence on Fresh Coast Solar subcontracting methods or decisions. As a public school district, we remain cognizant of fiscal and moral obligations to our community and taxpayers.