Saliva Testing

District 102 has entered into an agreement with SHIELD Illinois to provide Saliva testing FREE OF CHARGE to our students and staff.  SHIELD Illinois uses a saliva-based test that is easy to administer, sensitive, and specific to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. In addition, D102 has received a CLIA waiver to offer BinaxNOW rapid tests for symptomatic students and staff.  

Both tests are considered diagnostic tests. This is different from the saliva test that we offered last year. Last year, the saliva test was not diagnostic and we could only refer people to diagnostic testing. This year, the results of both the SHIELD saliva test and the BinaxNOW test are reported directly to IDPH, just as a test you might take at your pharmacy or doctor's office.

Both tests are opt-in tests, which means you must sign a consent form to access the tests. The consent form links are included below.

SHIELD Saliva testing is scheduled to begin the week of September 13. Saliva testing will be offered weekly. Each school will test on a given day of the week. Unlike last year, all saliva samples MUST be collected at school. The process is similar to last year, but the diagnostic test protocol requires samples to be collected visible to an adult trained in the protocols.  BinaxNOW testing is available immediately and will be administered by our school nurses.

Once SHIELD samples are collected, they are sent off-site to a lab where they are processed. The results of the test will be made available to our school nurses. Parents can also set up a portal to view their child's results. More information on the parent portal will be available once parents sign up for the testing.

All staff that will be working with the collection of the samples and receiving the results will go through training on appropriate safety and confidential information protocols.  We are asking families to turn in the consent form by September 2 at 4:00 pm. While we will continue to accept forms throughout the fall, new enrollments after September 2 may take seven days to get into the system.

Please contact your school nurse if you have any additional questions after reading the consent form. 

 Link to consent form - English   

Link to consent form - Spanish