Tiz Lambert

On Monday, August 30th, the La Grange School District 102 Board of Education swore in new Board Member Tiziana (Tiz) Lambert. The board position, vacated by the resignation of Board member Brian Anderson earlier this year. 

Lambert has worked in the educational field for 21 years, including at Lyons Township High School. Currently, Tiz teaches English and Reading to 9th and 10th-grade students with moderate to severe learning disabilities at Lyons Township High School.  Prior to teaching, Tiz worked as a recreation therapist at a long-term substance abuse facility in Chicago’s Englewood area. 

After commuting from the city to LT for 15 years, Tiz, her husband, and their daughters finally decided to make the move to La Grange in 2015. All three of her daughters currently attend Cossitt Elementary. Tiz has been a member of the CEMA committee, and also an active volunteer for the Cossitt PTC.

In addition to her educational background, Lambert has been involved within the District 102 community, participating on the CEMA committee, as well as other programs and activities throughout the school years.

"As a board member, I see the importance of collaborating with the community and district administrators and making sure that the needs of students, faculty, and staff are considered," says Lambert. "Being part of the D102 Board of Education is a great way to work with a team of experts who all share a vision to improve all students’ academic and social/emotional achievement".

We are excited to have Tiz Lambert serve on the Board of Education and look forward to the work we will accomplish in our upcoming school years.