Zoom Art Wall

Every year the graduating 6th graders create a permanent art installation to celebrate their time in Elementary school and the transition to junior high.  The students at each elementary school have the opportunity to develop a project idea with the guidance of the art teacher.  Each group of students, teachers, and administration has a unique way of creating the Legacy depending on the school.

     The 2020-21 school year presented a unique set of circumstances in many ways. The legacy project was another challenge the art teachers did not realize until the school year started.  There were students in 6th grade that had to be moved to a different school to accommodate remote learning requests. That is when we realized a collaborative project between the 4 schools might be the best option.

      We chose the “Zoom” screen idea, as it represented a lot of what was happening in school during the 2020-21 school year.  Each student was able to make a small self-portrait to place in each section of the zoom screen.  Tom Norvillas was able to meticulously cut and assemble the wood framing of each of the children's art.  All the 6th-grade students in the district had a space on the legacy for their artwork.  We printed vinyl buttons and lettering to complete the screenshot.  Then the entire project was encased in epoxy to preserve the art.  The project turned out great and we are all proud of the collaborative effort. You can find the 6th grade 20-21 Zoom Legacy Project hanging on the wall at Park Junior High, just outside of the cafeteria.