Report cards

Dear D102 Families -

Your child's Semester 1 report card is now available through the Parent Portal on PowerSchool. 

For instructions on how to access the report card please use the following link:

Instructions for Accessing Your Child's Report Card
Instrucciones para acceder a la boleta de calificaciones de su hijo

You may print a copy of your child's report card directly from the Parent Portal, however, if you need a printed copy of the report card please use the link below to request a printed copy. Please note printed report cards will be in Black and White and sent home by Monday, January 31, 2022.

Request for Printed Copy of Student Report Card
Solicitud de copia impresa de la boleta de calificaciones del estudiante

If you are new to D102, you may wish to watch the following video on D102's Standards Based-Report Card to help you become more familiar with it and how to read it. (Please note that since making this video, we have moved to Semesters - the video references trimesters). * 

  • Tenga en cuenta que el video está en inglés. Un video en español será lanzado la próxima semana.
Introduction to D102 Standards Based Report Card - YouTube Video

If you have questions about your child's report card, please contact your child's teacher directly.