Student Climate Survey Administration - October 2022

In D102, we know that a strong school climate has positive impacts on student achievement, attendance rates, and school safety, as well as creating conditions for developing healthy social and emotional skills.  We also feel it is critical to hear the voices of our students. To help facilitate that communication we provide a Student Climate Survey twice annually, once in October and again in March.

D102 will gather student perceptions of their school climate, as well as their own social-emotional well-being, in the following ways:

  • K-2nd grade students will orally provide their input during a classroom meeting conversation with their teacher.

  • 3rd-8th grade students will individually complete an online survey in Google Forms. 

Results of the 3rd-8th grade survey are anonymous and will not be used to identify individual students.  Rather, the data will be used to gather an overarching sense of students’ perceptions.  Each building’s leadership team will use the survey results to inform school-wide planning while grade level teachers will use the data to help plan proactive classroom-based morning circles.  

While the K-2nd grade classroom conversation is not anonymous, no student information will be collected or shared.  Rather, themes identified during the K-2nd grade classroom conversations will be collected by the teacher and used to plan proactive classroom-based morning circles.

For more information see:

Families that wish to opt out of the survey should either contact their elementary child’s classroom teacher or their junior high child’s advisory teacher.