career day

The Family Liaisons are coordinating Career Day throughout La Grange D102. They would love to introduce the students to a vast expanse of career paths. Career Day aims to give students an up-close look at different career paths and connect their learning to the real world.  It helps students learn about a broad range of careers and show them the result of a good education and the connection to those careers. 

Speakers will have the opportunity to meet with elementary students in 5th - 6th grade, or at the Jr. High level to speak to 7-8th grades. Times for the event will be provided once the speaker has been confirmed with the liaisons. Each school will have a specific date selected for the event, please view the schedule below. 

  • Forest Road: November 9th

  • Ogden: November 11th 

  • Cossitt: November 14th 

  • Congress Park: November 17th

  • Park Jr. High: November 29

If you know anyone who might be a good fit or interested in presenting their career to a group of students, please refer them to email Lupe Del Real at